Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brain HUD readme

Thank you for purchasing your Brains R Us Brain HUD. I sincerely hope you will find this the most useful and indispensable item that will make your Second Life easier and more enjoyable. Please feel free to contact me, Nathan Zetkin with any questions or issues.

The Brains R Us Brain HUD is an important component of the Brains R Us system. It can be used by itself but when used with a free Brains R Us Brain it will offer even more functionality. The Brains R Us HUD provides many commonly desired functions on its own but it also provides a way of easily executing brain commands. When you opened your Brain HUD box, you should receive a Brain dispenser. The dispenser will give free brains out to anyone who clicks on it. The dispenser is free to copy and transfer so give them out to your friends. Brains are free and are upgradable to add new functions. After your brain dispenser is rezzed for a few minutes it will show a series of images about the Brains R Us System.

Your Brains R Us HUD performs many functions, some never seen in SL before. You can access a quick start guide by clicking on the ? button once you have worn it. The Brain HUD attaches to the top left corner of your screen by default and works best in this position. A future upgrade is planned to place it on the right side of the screen. Upgrades are free. You can request an upgrade from your HUD at any time and one will be delivered if your HUD is out of date.

List of functions:

1. Dynamic menus for commonly used functions. There are 3 menus created by the HUD and your brain can create more menus depending on what plug-ins it has.

2. Sim performance indicators display frames per second(fps) and time dilation(TD). These indicators show when the sim is running well or lagging.

3. Picture browser - The browser button (to the right of the menu arrow button) opens a picture browser. You will see a strip of 7 small pictures at the top of the screen. Click any one of these to see the image larger below. Drag on the picture browser bar to see more images. Click on the browser button to see more picture categories. The button changes color to indicate the current category. The categories are:

blue - user pics
orange - profile pics (automatically collected from avatars around you)
green - maps of places you have been
purple - particles to be used with your brains particle effects engine
red - broadcast pictures (an upcoming brain feature)

When you click on a picture in the browser bar it shows up larger below. Drag anywhere on the big picture to resize it. Click quickly on the big picture to make it go away.

When you click on someone’s profile picture a link to that persons profile will show up in open chat.

4. Region map and radar. The HUD will show a map of the current region and if enabled a radar will show the names of the 16 closest avatars within 96 meters. Yellow dots on the map will show their position. The red/green dot on the map indicates your position. Clicking the round buttons next to the names will bring up an avatar menu. (Click the menu button if the menu is not open.) The avatar menu provides the following functions:

look at - causes your camera to move directly in front of the avatar you selected
move to - causes you to walk to the avatar selected
go to - warps you to the avatar you selected. ( be careful!!)
teleport to - a link will appear in local chat, click this to teleport to the avatars location
track - sets the avatar as the target of the tracking indicator (see below)
target - sets the avatar as a target for particle effects (brain required)
monitor - monitors avatar for online/offline (lasts until you log out)
give brain to - sends the selected avatar a brain dispenser (more on this later)
send home - teleports avatar home (must be on land you own)
eject - ejects avatar from your land
temp ban - bans avatar for 60 minutes from your land
ban - bans avatar indefinitely from your land
unban - unbans avatar from your land

5. tracking indicator - Right below the region map is a tracking indicator. When active it will track a selected avatar. the green line indicates which way you need to turn to face the targeted avatar. The square brackets come closer as you get closer to the target. This makes aligning your position for hugs and other couples animation very easy.

6. stop button - if you are moving to someone and get stuck, press the stop button to stop moving.

7. look at button - The look at button toggles the look at feature without using the menu. You will need to toggle this after using the menu to return to normal camera view. It is blue when look at is active.

8. AV monitors (3) You can set up to 3 avatars to be monitored for online/offline monitoring. Their profile picture will show up when they are online and go dark when they are not online.

9. help button - The help button is like the picture browser. It will show up to 5 categories of help screens. It will open the picture browser with different help topics for quick and easy help without reading note cards. The Brain HUD comes with one help set loaded and can download help guides for other topics and in different languages from a dedicated help server.

10. email browsing - When your brain receives email it sends it to local chat, but your Brain HUD will save your email messages to be reviewed at any time. (Note a brain and brain server is required for this to work.) When your brain receives an email, it will appear as floating text to a round button on the bottom of the HUD for 30 seconds. You can access the email menu to browse your messages or click on the mail indicator above the AV monitors.

11. bubble text - If you wish to share your messages with those around you click the round button below the floating text. A bubble will appear with the message floating up from your avatar.

12. trash button - The button next to the help button is for deleting pictures and messages. When it is red, clicking a picture in the browser will delete it from the HUD's memory. You may need to do this if you get a warning that you are running low on memory. Your brain HUD can store hundreds of pictures but you may come to a point where you want to remove images for various reasons. When your trash button is red, be careful; pictures that are deleted are gone from your HUDs memory. The actual images do not get deleted but references to them in the HUD will be deleted.

Some images are cleared automatically on login and some are restored automatically on login. Broadcast pictures are removed each time you login. Old profile pictures are removed but not recent ones. User pictures stored in your brain will be reloaded when you login. Particle images loaded by your brain will also be reloaded when you login with your brain attached.

When using the mail browser buttons above the AV monitor, you will also delete messages as you read them. Deleted messages cannot be recovered.

There are other functions in the HUD, some you will discover and some are in the menus. Have fun and please let me know if you have any problems or comments.

Nathan Zetkin

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