Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Training Tuesdays

Well we missed some of you at training last night. Here is a picture of one of the training centers. We are planning to rotate the stores for training to give you an opportunity to see some of the other locations. Come join the fun and learn more about the product and meet other users.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brain HUD free trial

The Brain HUD has been updated to version 2.138. What this version does is provide a 10 day free trial. You can purchase a free trial (see post below) which will give you 10 days to try out the HUD. After 10 days you will have to authorize your HUD at one of the 3 Brains R Us locations to restore full functionality to the HUD. Authorization costs 500 Lindens (approximately $1.81 in US currency) and is easy to perform. Simply pay the sign in the store 500 Lindens and click register HUD in the HUD menu. The Brain HUD will be fully functional once the registration is complete.

Many of you are familiar with free trials of software packages which require an unlock code to be purchased. This works in a similar manner with the exception that there is no unlock code needed. I believe this is the first time this capability has been made available in Second Life and we will look into the possibility of licensing this technology to other developers.

RSS feeds are also enabled now. You can add your own RSS feeds and toggle them off and on via menu. When you receive a RSS message the title and a link will be posted in local chat. It will also appear at the lower right of your Brain HUD as floating text above a silver ball. Just click the silver ball and it becomes bubble text. The bubble text floats upwards inworld and any one can click the bubble to get the link to the RSS article.

Brains R Us Product up on Xstreet

Hi everyone,
Pass this on to your SL friends, the Brains R Us Starter kit is now up on Xstreet. Your friends can try the new Brain HUD free for 10 days. Click on the link below and you will see the details. And even more exciting, you can earn free lindens. Check out the details at:

The Brains R Us Starter Kit contains the following items:
  • Free Brains R Us brain
  • 10 day free trial Brain HUD
  • Brains R Us Dispensor
  • Pink and Blue Brains R Us Caps
  • Landmarks to all Brains R Us locations
  • Getting Started notecards
Nevada and Nathan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brains R Us HUD training

Each Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Linden Time we will have training. It is a great time to learn the features of the HUD and a good time to have questions answered. So come on over to the Brains R Us classroom and meet with Nathan and Nevada. The teleport link is in your Brains R Us folder.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Virtual World Research

I went to a Smarter Technology Summit yesterday. This is where Brains R Us was able to present the product the first time to many. The event yesterday was quite interesting. This is Sponsored by IBM, it is an online community for strategists and IT decision-makers seeking to improve sustainability, efficiency and profitability through intelligent implementation of advanced technology throughout the enterprise. The discussion that day was about the upcoming Virtual World Conference. One discussion was about the enterprise and how they will fit into the picture. I view the Virtual Worlds evolving just as the Internet did with later having the Intranet for business. Here is a sample of some research that was done by the JWR. Very interesting research. That is why all these tools in development will make a difference as this evolves in this space.