Sunday, July 19, 2009

News on Brain HUD development

There are several new features in the Brain HUD. A new release is available now and a newer release will be out sometime this week. Use the check update item in your HUD menu. You should then receive the latest version.

Version 2.111 - fixed profile loading. Profile pictures will last for two logins. After you log out a second time they will be deleted automatically. They can be added again of course. Profile pictures are loaded automatically from any avatar within 96 meters.

Broadcast pictures are now saved until deleted.

You may wonder why some peoples profile pictures do not get saved. This can happen for one of several reasons. First, they may not have a profile picture. The Brain HUD does not save profiles unless there is a picture and it is searchable. The last reason the profile may not be saved is that http requests are not always answered by the sim.

Version 2.11x - new features

The upcoming release has the following features:

sub menus
particle effects
improved context and email operation

Sub menus are a way to provide menus as needed and only when needed. You no longer need to cycle thru menus that have no meaning at the time. For example, the avatar menu while very powerful does not have any use unless an avatar is selected. When you click on an avatars name in the radar, the avatar menu comes up automatically. When you cycle thru the menus, the avatar menu does not show up.

Particle effects work now. You can load a particle effect from the menu or turn it on or off. Particle effects are defined on notecards which are loaded in your brain. The brain creates a menu of these particle effects that you can access from your HUD. By clicking a picture on the picture browser you can change the image used in the particle effect and by using the avatar menu you can select a target for the particle effects.

Context and email now use submenus to improve operation. These menus are created in response to other user actions. Stay tuned for more info.

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