Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got GPS? Well check out this Brain HUD feature!!!

Hi its' Nevada here. I remember purchasing my first GPS device. It was one of those in the car ones, not the new portable ones. I kept thinking now. do I really need this. As time passed I found that I NEEDED IT. Not so much for going location to location for directions, but at times in the city when I was looking for specific places or what was around me. Well that is how I feel about the Brain HUD.

I just recently acquired land in SL. As I looked around and wanted to introduce myself to my neighbors I was not sure if they were around or not as not everyone is always visible. With the Brain HUD's antenna on, the feature of gathering information of avatars nearby has been fantastic. I can tell by avatar name and what range they are in within 96 meters. And I can see them on the map in the Brain HUD. So I know if I am getting closer or not. This is the most simple to use feature.

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  1. It is really a radar not an antenna. But one good thing is that it will save profiles for anyone who comes on your radar automatically. Later you can check out who those people who were near your land.

    Also for land owners, there is eject, ban and send home features in your avatar menu for those pesky guests that won't leave. A security plug-in is coming soon for the brain that will work on group owned land.