Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brain HUD update with new object finder

A new release of the Brain HUD is available to all users. A new enhanced object finding capability has been added and a problem with memory running out when too many profile pictures are loaded has been fixed. Simply select check update from your HUD menu and you will receive a Brain HUD update box. Follow the instructions that come with the box to update your HUD and Brains R Us Brain.

Do you like to do grid hunts or other treasure hunts? Have you ever lost an item and found it difficult to retrieve. Did you ever want to find someone in a crowd of people? If you answered yes to any of these questions you will find the new object or avatar finding capabilities of the Brain HUD and Brain simply amazing. You can search for objects or avatars by selecting the appropriate search mode. Then enter:

/999 find objectname

where objectname can be any part of the objects full name. Case is not important. The object finder will vary its sweep range as you move around making it easy to find the object you are looking for. As some of you know, Second Life limist search to 16 objects at a time, but the brains search algorithm uses a dynamic beam technique to narrow the search and find what you are looking for. Once your brain has found objects that match your description it alerts you in open chat with a SLURL to the objects location. You can also enable a particle stream to show you where the found objects are.

Memory of course is a limited commodity for scripted objects in Second Life. You can easily acquire many profile and map images as you travel around Second Life. Previously old profile pictures were deleted when you logged in. Profiles pictures can still add up in crowded areas. The Brain HUD can store about 200 images. When you go over 200 images, the oldest map, broadcast and profile pictures will be deleted leaving the most recent ones. You may also delete images at any time by clicking on the trash icon. When the trash icon is red any picture you delete in the picture browser will be deleted. If you make a mistake drag off of the picture before releasing the mouse button and the picture will not be deleted. Deleted pictures can not be recovered but only references to pictures are stored in the HUD, not the actual pictures.

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