Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did you ever wish that people did not see what you have on your land? Perhaps worried that someone will complain due to the new rules? The Runic Arts Cloaking Device will hide your items when you are away and automatically show them when you are around.

The Cloaking Device allows you to control the visibility of your objects when you are away. The cloaking device will detect when you, a group member or someone on a list is around and then uncloak objects in which you have placed the included "Cloak - New v4.0 slave" script. You must have modify rights to the object you wish to cloak and you should not use this on objects that are not opaque.

There are five modes of cloaking available on the menu you will see when you click on the Cloaking Device. These are:

  • Hide - Hide all objects within shouting distance (100m) of the cloaking device.
  • Show - Show all objects.
  • Owner - Show all objects when the owner is within the scanning range.
  • Group - Show all objects when anyone in the same group is within the scanning range.
  • List - Show all objects when anyone on the list is within the scanning range.

The Cloaking Device is editable and inside you will see a notecard call viewer list. You may edit that list to contain the names of anyone you wish to be able to see your stuff. Make sure you spell their name exactly right with correct capitalization because computers are not too smart and cannot read your mind .. yet.

If you wish to have anyone in a group see the cloaked objects, simply set the group of the Cloaking Device to the one you want. Of course you must be a member of that group, if only temporary to set the group for the Cloaking Device.

You can change the scanning range by selecting "Range" from the option menu. The range can be set anywhere from 10 to 96 meters. You should reapply the cloaking mode after changing the range to make sure it uses the proper range.

You can change the appearance of the Cloaking Device to anything you like. If you are in one of the scanning modes, the Cloaking Device will disappear when you are not around, but no matter what mode it is in, it will appear when you are there.

Available now at all Brains R Us stores and on Xstreet.

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