Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Online Indicator works with Google's GQueue's

The Brains R Us Online Indicator will show your online status to anyone in Second Life. It automatically displays your profile picture on the front and displays status messages above it. It can also send tasks to your Google GQueue. If you do plan to use this feature be aware that anyone can drop a notecard in then Online Indicator and thereby adding to your inbox. You may want to place this device somewhere semi-private.

Setup is very easy. Simply create a note card called config that contains your e-mail address or to your Google GQueue. Drop the config note card into your online indicator and your e-mail address will be set.

Anyone can drop a note card into your online indicator to add a task to your queue. The title of note card will be the name of the task and in the contents of the note card will be the description of the task. The online indicator will automatically e-mail your new task queue.

Google’s Gqueue is a great tool for managing your to do list, projects or anything else you may need a list for. You can get a lite version for free or the full vision is only $25 per year. You can integrate your Gqueue into your home page, web site or Google calendar. To see more please visit:


The online videos will show you how easy and helpful it is to use Google’s Gqueue’s.

Check the Online Indicator out here:


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