Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Building Aid "Builders Palette" available soon

The Builder's Palette is a new tool that makes construction of multi-part objects quick and easy. We have texture organizers and sculpt organizers but Builder's Palette is the first tool that combine shapes and textures to create custom parts that can be easily assembled and modified in a build. Imagine being able to create an entire line of jewelry in a matter of minutes.

With the Builder's Palette you can do just that. Create the part of a necklace for example, consisting of a chain and a pendant or other parts. With a single click you instanly change the texture or shape of any of the parts. Builder's Palette is good for other things as well such as creating plant and flower arrangements, gadgets, furniture and even buildings. You can easily create your own palettes because everything but the scripts are full perm. I wil be working with part vendors to provide free palettes that they can distribute with their products.

Builder's Palette works well with other tools also. Itcan inject Prim Master scripts into the objects you are creating to make alignment simple and easy. It also works with the Opus Texture and Sculpt organizers to relay shapes and textures to your palettes. No more having to get textures from the texture organizer to your inventory. They can be applied directly to what you are creating. TheBuilder's Palette will also include a free Color Picker which I have upgraded to work with Builder's Palette. This allows you to easily find a color to apply to selected target prims.

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