Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brain Server update to version 1.7

Brain server owners should receive an update automatically to bring the Brain Server to version 1.7. This update provides a free security option to be used with an upcoming security plug in for the brain. This update will show avatars in the region on the map and allow your brain to query status of the sim your server is in at any time from anywhere. With the upcoming security plug in you will be able to see who is on your land or group owned land and to eject, ban or send home anyone even if you are not in the sim. Imagine someone IM's you that someone is causing trouble on your land and you are somewhere else. You will be able to send the troublemaker home using your Brain HUD without having to TP home to do it.

Currently the plug in provides a list of names to the Brain HUD in the form of an in world email. Soon your Brain HUD will be able to display a map of your home sim with a radar display of each avatar on your land. You will have a menu with a list of avatars that when clicked on will take you to the same avatar menu you have for local avatars.

Other fixes for the Brain Server are related to email and networking. The list of networked users is now correctly updated. Email acknowledgement messages are now sent properly. More changes will come to the system to improve email capabilities between brains and server.

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